Monitoring the public environment for the accessibility by people with disabilities.

From November 25-27 in Kyrgyzstan took place the action Equal Kyrgyzstan – monitoring the public environment for accessibility of people with disabilities.

The action was initiated by the Committee for the Protection of the Rights of People with Disabilities, with the assistance of the members of National Network “Zhanyryk” “An Inclusive Society for Children with Disabilities,” implemented by the public organization “Hand in Hand” with the support of Fair & Sustainable Development Solutions.

Having visited dozens of buildings in each region of the country, the participants of the action were convinced that many buildings are not appropriate for the use of people with disabilities, which violates their rights. People simply could not enter the building because of an uncomfortable ramp or lack of tactile paths for the blind.

But thanks to this action, many state, medical and educational institutions took into account all the recommendations and notes on improving the accessibility of the environment for all categories of citizens. This gives at least some hope that we will live in an accessible and equal Kyrgyzstan.