Makeathon Bishkek - Empowering Children with Disabilities!

About the problem

Today, more than 30 thousand children with disabilities (CWD) live in Kyrgyzstan, who are particularly vulnerable to stigma and discrimination and are often isolated from the rest of society. In most cases, they are preferred not to be taken into account in statistical data and, thus, they become “invisible” for decision-makers, service providers and the public. People with disabilities are often faced with numerous violations of their rights: lack of early diagnosis, denial of access to education and participation in the life of the local community. Our society is still dominated by the tendency to “correct” CWD instead of changing attitudes towards them.

Makeathon — 72 hours to make a better life of children with disabilities

The main feature of the Makeathon is that when developing prototypes, makers are working with real children with disabilities and their parents, for whom these devices will be made and donated at the end of the Makeathon. After the event, such prototypes can become real and useful inventions thus team of makers can become social entrepreneurs with a successful startup.

The goal of the Makeathon is to create prototypes that are convenient to use, easy to manufacture and affordable, aimed at adapting children with disabilities in society and organizing their full lives.

Main tasks for makers are to invent prototypes for children with disabilities by categories:

Children with down syndrom (DS or DNS)

Children with Down Syndrome face a number of difficulties due to their weaknesses. One of them is mental ability. Due to the low muscle tone and high mobility of the joints, it is difficult for children with diabetes to hold a pen or pencil. In addition, physically, all children with Down syndrome are capable of walking. But due to the low tone of muscles and mobile joints, as well as difficulties with balance, they master walking skill later and longer.

Hearing impaired children

Children with hearing impairment are like all ordinary people, only with a hearing impairment. Such children with an average level of verbal speech development experience such communication difficulties as isolation, emotional problems, and a low desire for cooperation. The main task is to create the conditions for independent creative development by the child of the world and relations with him.

Children with Celebrial Palsy

This is a violation of the coordination of movements and the ability to maintain the position of the body in space, which occurs as a result of non-progressive brain damage. It is difficult for all children with cerebral palsy to move, but many children with this diagnosis have intact intelligence. The basic needs of such children in assistive devices.

Children with Autism

Autism is a disease associated with a violation of a person’s social adaptation, speech function, and mental development. In the early diagnosis of autism in children, treatment can have noticeable results, and the main focus of therapy is the education and socialization of the child. Many mothers of such children cannot cope with aggression, uncontrollability, hyperactivity, etc.

Children with visual impairment

Children with visual impairments learn more about the world through hearing and touching. As a result of this, they have a different view of the world than the sighted, and sensual images have a different quality and structure. For example, blind children recognize a car or a nightingale not by their external qualities, but by their sound. This is why it is so important that children pay attention to a variety of sounds. A very important stage in the development (and as part of the treatment) of such children is physical activity. It is especially important to devote as much time as possible to outdoor games that stimulate vision, develop coordination of movements, strengthen muscles, teach certain skills. Generally importance in the development of such children is learning to navigate correctly in space. Basically, this is achieved in the process of performing special exercises and tasks.

Makeathon Bishkek 2019