International Day of people with disabilities

December 3 worlwide celebrated the International day of people with disabilities.

According to the UN, more than a billion people worldwide have some form of disability.

This day was proclaimed by the United Nations General Assembly on October 14, 1992. The General Assembly called on all states and international organizations to cooperate on this day.

The existence of International Disability Day is a powerful tool to raise awareness about issues and problems that restrict the rights of people with disabilities.

Every year, the Day of people with disabilities is held on a specific topic. Today in our country this day is celebrated under the slogan “I CAN!” 💪 The Ministry of Labor and Social Development of the Kyrgyz Republic organized an event – a festival and an exhibition dedicated to Disability Day. Fair & Sustainable Development Solutions provided technical support for the organization of the event.

In our country, the UN Convention on the Rights of people with disabilities was ratified on March 14, 2019.

This means that the authorities must create an appropriate infrastructure for people with disabilities who face problems in the public environment.