Inclusive society

Inclusive society for children with disabilities. Phase II

Aim of the project

Children with disabilities (CWD) in Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan lead a life of dignity in an inclusive society, where
their rights and fundamental freedoms are respected and they have an equitable and barrier-free access to all
public services and opportunities.



1. Effective and sustainable civic coalitions

1. At least three lobbying initiatives on disability have been transposed/implemented into national or regional laws and regulations.
2. At least 70% of Networks’ members in both countries report about positive contribution of the Networks to promoting early intervention at the national level.

2. The parents of CWDs have a higher income and are successfully engaged in protecting rights of their children

1. At least 1.000 families of children with disabilities from both countries report about the change in attitude/treatment from the community towards them.
2. At least 50 families of CWDs from both countries (in total) earn an additional income with income generating activities introduced in the framework of the project.

3. Key stakeholders at the national level (including civil-society actors and state authorities) are actively engaged and collaborate with each other in building an inclusive environment for CWDs, which results in improvements for persons concerned.


1. At least 30% of the beneficiaries’ parents from both countries report on improvements in public service delivery (education, health, social protection) and their quality.
2. An education policy incorporating the concept of inclusion is developed in a multi- sectoral dialogue including inter alia government representatives and submitted to the government/authorized ministries for approval in Kyrgyzstan.



Target groups:

  • Nation-wide civic coalition (“Janyryk” network)
  • 35 parent-led and resource NGOs and their staff (22 parents-led and 13 resource NGOs)
  • 70 parents-led and resource NGOs’ formal leaders and their deputies (66 women, 4 men)
  • 50 teenagers with disabilities under the age of 18 (life skills training participants)
  • 15 day care centers of “Janyryk”
  • 15 local governments
  • 130 duty-bearers at regional level (45 social workers of local authorities, 55 health workers and 30 education professionals);
  • General public in all 7 regions of Kyrgyzstan, Bishkek and Osh cities

Direct beneficiaries

  • 2210 children with disabilities (1293 girls and 917 boys), of which more than 60% have intellectual disabilities;
  • 2036 parents (1577 women and 459 men)

2210 children beneficiaries with disabilities in Kyrgyzstan, 15% of these children live in families with single parent.



Target groups:

  • Nation-wide civic coalition (Coalition of parents associations)
  • CWD and their parents living in Khujand, Istaravshan, Chkalovsk, and Gafurov district, at least 234 CWD and 144 parents.
  • Parents associations in Gafurov, Istaravshan, Khujand, and Chkalovsk (200 members)
  • 28 parent-led and resource NGOs and their staff. Hereby, it is important to note that while the main project site is Sughd region, some activities are related to the Coalition as whole, for example the development of Strategic plan, lobbying initiatives and information campaigns.
  • 56 parents-led and resource NGOs’ formal leaders and their deputies
  • Local CBR Network
  • 24 duty-bearers at regional level (teachers of pre-schools, schools, social workers, medical practitioners);
  • General public in Tajikistan

Direct beneficiaries:

  • At least 144 CWDs who will benefit through provision of services on early intervention in 4 jamoats of Gafurov district;
  • At least 90 CWDs who will access consultations of the multidisciplinary team in Gafurov district;
  • At least 60 parents in 4 jamoats of Gafurov district and 4 jamoats of Istaravshan who will raise awareness of their rights;
  • At least 24 service providers in 4 jamoats of Gafurov district who will be trained on early intervention methodology to take care of CWDs under 6 years old;
  • At least 20 parents of CWDs in 4 jamoats of Gafurov district who will be trained on "Mature Parenthood" methodology on care of CWDs.
  • At least 40 parents who will receive vocational training in Istaravshan and Gafurov districts, Chkalovsk
    and Khujand.