“Improving the leadership of employees remains at the center of our project .Having adopted the strategy of development and investing in its staff, we decided to actively involve training coaches from the side. Several variants of consulting companies were considered. Have chosen FSDS consulting company, and do not regret it – both the project management and the participants of the training are satisfied with the results.


The materials of the training on monitoring and evaluation and reporting were prepared taking into account the goals and tasks of the Republican Center for Health Promotion . The task set before the trainers was to provide the participants of the training with the basics of monitoring and evaluation of projects and writing reports.


I was very pleasantly surprised by the availability and clarity of the language of presentations. Also the organization of the seminar was very good – everything is  on time. It often happens that one can not go through all the topics outlined in the program. Here it was not the case. All questions were answered. I want to thank the team of trainers for taking care of each of the participants. All the information was interesting, 3 days passed really not in vain – very capacious, informative and useful. “


Tolkun Jamangulova, CAH Project Manager


Feedback from participants (from the final assessment sheets of the workshop on monitoring and evaluation and report writing)


“The most interesting topics were the monitoring and evaluation system; Development of indicators. There were interesting practical assignments. Thanks to the trainers! “

“A good seminar with a semantic load. Many thanks for the informative and necessary seminar! ”

“Interesting topics: the logical matrix of the project, the formulation of goals and objectives, the definition of indicators. Thank you!”

“The most interesting topic for me were the development of indicators, because for me earlier this topic was complicated. I need this knowledge, since I work in the monitoring and evaluation department. Thanks to the trainers! Trainers were just awesome! ”

“In the future I will use this knowledge in monitoring. Thank you for the training! “