FSDS offers following consultancy services:


Organisational Diagnosis

• Description, analysis and diagnosis of the condition and functioning of the organization;

• Development of recommendations and an action plan for the implementation of the change process in the organization.



Strategic planning

• Vision, mission and goal development for the organization;

• Strategies, perspectives, objectives and ways of development of the organization by developing “theory of change”;

• Development of recommendations to improve the effectiveness of the organization’s management.


Development of financial sustainability strategy

• Assessment and management of critical financial risk;

• Development of financial strategy and relevant policies.


Monitoring and evaluation (M & E)

• M & E system as an organizational management tool, including management of projects (M & E system is based on a strategic plan of the organization);

• Development of indicators to assess the effectiveness and definition of monitoring and evaluation methods of the results of all organizational activities, including projects;

• M & E policies and procedures


NPOs Financial Management Control

• Basic concepts of financial management;

• Budgeting;

• The financial statements and audit;

• Procurement Policy of goods / services (planning and implementation of procurement).