Inclusive society for children with disabilities. Phase II


Project goal

Children with disabilities (CWD) in Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan lead a life of dignity in an inclusive society, where their rights and fundamental freedoms are respected and they have an equitable and barrier-free access to all public services and opportunities.


Specific objectives

  1. Strengthening capacity of national networks


  • Lobbying initiatives are incorporated into national or regional laws and regulations.
  • The positive contribution of networks to the promotion of early intervention at the national level.
  1. Empowerment of parents of CWD


  • Changing the community’s view of the CWD.
  • Additional income through income-generating activities
  1. Mobilization of stakeholders


  • Improving the provision of public services and their quality.
  • The development of educational policies, including the concept of inclusion, was approved by the government in Kyrgyzstan.



Target group

  • National Network “Janyryk”
  • 35 parents’ organizations and NGOs
  • 70 heads of parents’ organizations and NGOs
  • 50 teenagers with disabilities up to 18 years
  • 15-day care centers of “Janyryk” network
  • 15 LSGs
  • 130 state authorities at the regional level
  • Communities of 7 oblasts of Kyrgyzstan

Direct beneficiaries

  • 2210 CWD, 60% of which have mental disorders;
  • 2036 of parents of CwD



  • Target group
  • National Coalition of Parents
  • 234 CwD и 144 parents in Sugd oblast
  • Parents associations in Sugd
  • 28 parents’ organizations and NGOs
  • 56 leaders and heads of NGOs
  • Local CBR Network
  • 24 authorities at regional level
  • The public in Tajikistan

Direct beneficiaries

  • 144 of CWD, that will benefit from the Early Intervention Service;
  • 294 of parents of CWD.