Economic empowerment of rural youth in Issyk-Kul

Kyrgyzstan is a mountainous country where 63% of people live in remote and mountainous areas and rely on livestock as their primary source of food and natural resources for income. About two thirds of young people in the country live in rural areas, many of which have little in the way of infrastructure, services, and opportunities. This leads to widespread internal and external migration. Thus, rural youth make up a large and vulnerable group. This young and growing population confronts a number of challenges, including poor quality of education, lack of basic infrastructure, lack of access to or control of sufficient land for farming, and, for girls in particular, more traditional cultural norms, which severely hinder their ability to build sustainable livelihoods.


Offering young people in rural areas the right mix of appropriate and cost-effective financial and non-financial services is essential if rural youth are to improve their livelihoods and create economic opportunities that do not require migrating to the cities and other countries. Rural livelihoods are enhanced through effective participation of rural communities in the management of their own social and economic objectives by empowering people in rural areas, particularly women and youth, and by applying the bottom-up approach.


This project is aimed to respond to these needs and seeks to improve livelihoods of rural youth and young families in Issyk-Kul region by strengthening entrepreneurship of the youths (including young women), youth led households/families and supporting rural youth-inclusive community business models.


Overall objective:

Promote livelihood development through sustainable income generating activities of youth and young families in Issyk-Kul region.


Specific objectives:

  • Young vulnerable rural households in target villages of 2 rayons (Djety-Oguz and Ton) in Issyk-Kul oblast have increased their production, services and sales volume through access to agro- and other inputs and improved entrepreneurial skills.
  • Income diversification, including on/off-farm diversification, by young vulnerable rural households supported in target villages of 2 rayons (Djety-Oguz and Ton) in Issyk-Kul oblast.


Target group of the project:

At least 50 young people/young households from Kun-Chygysh AO (Bokombaev village), Darkhan AO (Darkhan village), Barksoon AO (Barskoon village), Tamga AO (Tosor village), Ton AO (Ton Village). The targeted group represents village youth/young families, who are involved in the small/medium level production and services at local level (farming, carpentry, workshops, sewing, tourism etc.)


Beneficiaries: more than 100 young people and inhabitants as well as local administrations of target municipalities of 5 pilot municipalities (Kun-Chygysh AO, Darkhan AO, Barksoon AO, Tamga AO, Ton AO).