Aigul entered into a civil marriage with Aman (all names have been changed). At 5 months pregnant Aigul was forced to leave her husband to her parents, as he beat her and was always drank. At that time she did not have a passport. At the place of residence, she was not registered at a medical facility for examination, she had to give birth at home. Later, when she turned to maternity hospitals and  the registrars for obtaining a daughter’s birth certificate, she was always refused, since she did not have any documents. Thus, Tolkunai, her daughter, also found herself without a birth certificate.

When her daughter turned 8, school started asking for a birth certificate, they applied to the Children’s Protection Center. After consultation, Aigul collected all the necessary documents. On January 25, 2018 the court after hearing all the evidence, made a decision – to establish the fact of Tolkunai’s birth.

There are a lot of such cases. With the support of FSDS in 2017, 300 consultations were held on issues of children. The number of documents received during this period was 59. The total birth certificate was received by 20 children.

Consultations are conducted by the Children’s Protection Center and are free of charge for citizens in a difficult life situation, as part of our project “Assistance in providing access to basic services for children of internal and working migrants in their communities and according to their needs.”