International Migrant Day

December 18 is the International Migrant Day.

The UN member states, as well as intergovernmental and non-governmental organizations, celebrate International Migrant Day on December 18 every year since 2000 on the proposal of the UN General Assembly.

In connection with the increase in the level of migration around the world, the recognition of the role and contribution of migrants to the development of society is also increasing. Along with this, migration as a social phenomenon attracts more and more attention due to its unpredictability and complexity of tasks that require concerted action and cooperation between regions, countries and sectors of society.

FSDS, in the framework of its Central Asia in Motion project, pays special attention to the human aspect of migration. Following its principle of recognition and protection of human rights, FSDS supports initiatives to draw public attention to the effects of labor migration in cooperation with members of the same Civil Platform “Central Asia in motion”.

The “Central Asia in the Movement” platform works to protect the rights of migrant workers in Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Russia by disseminating information and training on human rights and the fundamental freedoms of migrants and developing measures to ensure their protection.

FSDS and the Platform “Central Asia in Motion” – to protect the rights of migrants and their families!