Children's Health Camp under the motto

Have you ever witnessed the indescribable delight of parents and joy of children from an event?

Such an event was held under the motto “Equal Sight”, in the camp “Shokhin”, the city of Guliston. From 11 to 16 August 2017, 25 children with disabilities and their parents from the cities of Khujand, B. Gafurov and Istaravshan participated in the summer children’s health camp “Shokhin”. The current season of the camp differs from the previous one in that children with disabilities and their parents were directly involved in all camp activities together with everyone else. After briefing and awareness rising session by PO Parents of children with problems in development” on some disability issues for camp personnel, the attitude towards the children with disability changed and it had more inclusive character. The flash mob dance, singing songs and the group dances of children by the bright flames of the camp fire will be remembered by all children for the long time. Group of volunteers of PO parents of children with problems in development assisted in organization of action and decorating of place.

This action and the camp is organized within the framework of the project ” Empowerment and Parents Leadership towards inclusive society for children with disabilities” with the financial support from the European Union in partnership with ICCO Cooperation and PF “Fair Sustainable Development Solutions”. The organizer of the event is the NGO “Parents of children with problems development”.