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In today's world, the organization should think about its development more than once in three to five years, with an invitation to the external consultant, and do it consistently. Development of the organization requires a long-term and systematic work on its structure and fast response to external and internal changes. Successful organization is a solid team of permanent staff, who are able to work together and achieve their goals.


Public Fund «Fair and Sustainable Development Solution» (FSDS) offers its services to assist in the successful development of non-profit organizations. FSDS has team of consultants and trainers, with over 5 years experience in organizational development, including project and program planning, financial planning and management, as well as assisting in the economic development of the communities at the local level.


The approach and methodology proposed by FSDS, is developed and applied in Europe and CIS, and in the practice consultants apply international accepted standards. Thus, FSDS is not intending to have authorship of those or other approaches and / or methodologies. However, FSDS Consultants have made some effort to integrate and adapt international experience in the context of Kyrgyzstan.