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''Agribusiness Booster''

''Agribusiness Booster''

The Agribusiness Booster (ABB) is an innovative instrument of ICCO Cooperation and Fair and Sustainable Development Solutions (FSDS) to work with pre-growth agri-SMEs in Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan. 

Through a tailor made set of investments and business development services these companies are grown to business maturity and for social impact. 

For whom? 

The companies and producer organizations we work with are all not yet ‘investable’ for banks and investors and even not for more friendly impact investors. Typically in this phase, they are not helped with mere financial investments whereas business development services through a consultancy format have also proven not to be the solution that they need for their growth. 

Smart Business Thinking

The Agribusiness Booster addresses this by co-entrepreneuring with the company or producer organization. Risks are shared and all parties have skin in the game. Both investments and costs for business development are recovered by the added value created in the business. This enforces financial sustainability and smart business thinking in the Agribusiness Booster approach. 

The co-entrepreneurs are staff of ICCO and FSDS or trusted partners. With more than 50 years of presence in the emerging markets, ICCO does understand the local culture and has an extended experience and network in agribusiness and food. 

ABB provides capital investment, loans and expertise for growth of the SME`s.