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"Parents-leaders in building an inclusive society''

Based on statement that parents are the main force in improvement of lives of their children with disabilities (CwD), ICCO Cooperation since 2012 and later Fair and Sustainable Development Solutions (FSDS) provided with focused support to more than 20 parents-led and resource non-governmental Organizations (NGOs), working for and with children with disabilities from the entire Kyrgyzstan.

The provided focused support envisages assistance to the NGOs in their endeavors to unite efforts and become a single effective civic coalition for sake of fight social isolation of the children, fight against violation of human rights and reduction of stigma and discrimination which is widespread in actual society. 

As a result of such intervention, the National network entitled "the Janyryk" was founded. Based on identified problems such as passiveness, segregation and legal illiteracy of the parents, poor performance and lack of trust for the relevant authorities and the importance of combating stereotypes and stigma in the society, the goals and objectives of the current project were formulated.

The above-mentioned goals and objectives could meet the following goals of the network: 1) capacity building of the network to form an effective Coalition; 2) construction of multilateral cooperation, aimed at giving a chance to participate in decision-making process; 3) combat stereotypes, prejudices and bad practices in the society.

Parents-leaders of "the Janyryk" network formed resource groups, affiliated with established information centers in Bishkek and Osh cities, and served regionally as assistants in conducting trainings and other activities. More than 1500 parents of CwD, professionals and NGOs’ visitors were provided with information, materials and knowledge by resource groups’ members and information centers’ staff.

FSDS has conducted already several trainings and meetings enabling "the Janyryk" to become more efficient in its operation. For example, the training on financial management gave a chance to network members to develop their plans and strategies on financial sustainability. At least 5 members already have these plans, two of whom started putting them into practice earning in that way additional funds to support their social activities.

To ensure an overall support and cooperation with Governmental bodies nine agreements on mutual cooperation with nine authorized Representatives of the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic in the regions were signed.

Up to now the project team has conducted 18 meetings in the regions. During these meetings participants were actively involved in discussions, raised acute problems such as issues of inclusive education for children with disabilities. 


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