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''Inclusive Сommunity for all''

''Inclusive Сommunity for all''

In 2016, Fair and Sustainable Development Solutions (FSDS), together with local partners, Public Organization (PO) “Ranginkamon” and Public Association (PA) “Parents of Children with Problems in Development” are implementing 3 year project entitled "Inclusive Сommunity for all'' on introducing Community-Based Rehabilitation (CBR) with a complex multi-stakeholder cooperation process in 4 target locations of Sughd region, the Republic of Tajikistan: Gafurov, Istaravshan, Khujand, and Chkalovsk.

The main project goal is to ensure that the children with disabilities in Tajikistan have equitable and barrier-free access to all public services and opportunities, such as health services, education, poverty alleviation, social security, cultural events and to social relationships.

The project has identified 3 major project components for the intervention, based on the CBR methodology to achieve the development goal:

Component 1: Community mobilization for inclusion of children with disabilities (CwD) in equitable public services and community life. The objective of this component is to mobilize communities and local government stakeholders in Gafurov district to ensure sustainability, train main service providers and NGOs on the CBR skills to equalize opportunities and social inclusion of CWDs This component is mainly implemented by the partner PO “Ranginkamon”. The activities such as with roundtables, formation of District Coordination Committee and conducting CBR and Portrage trainings for parents and professionals would be initiated in year 1 of the project. The year 2, under this component mainly is targeted at opening early intervention, Day-care rooms at kindergarden and local jamoats. The capacity building of the local specialist such as social workers, nurses and other service providers will continue from year 2 to year 3 in combination with consultation and rehabilitation of CwD in Day-care centers.

Component 2: Mobilization and empowerment of parents of CWDs. This component is targeted at empowerment of local parents associations to advocate and claim the inclusive rights-based development for CwD and community on local and regional level. This component also designed to promote and support income generating activities and vocational training to facilitate employment for the economically vulnerable parents. The year 1 of the project is mainly targeted at empowerment of local parents association and providing awareness raising activities for parents of CwD on legislation, rights and services through trainings and consultations. The year 2 and 3 of the project mainly is targeted at supporting parents in initiating the income generating activities through business skill trainings and provision of micro grants. In addition, the project would support parents as for participating in vocational training, to develop or improve their skill for the further employment.

Component 3: Strengthening networks working to improve lives of CwDs. The main objective is to empower the existing CBR network present in the Sughd region and which consists of 12 organizations from 5 districts: Khujand, Isfara, Kanubadam, Pendjikent, and Ganchi. The capacity building of the existing CBR network will bring added value to the lobby, advocacy and provision of services for CwD. Under this component it is planned to implement the network CBR capacity building activities such as development of common network strategy and capacity assessment under the year 1, and in year 2-3 to implement trainings, experience exchange between the networks and lobby interests on the national level.