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''Central Asia on the Move - Phase II''

''Central Asia on the Move - Phase II''

In 2012 Dan Chirch Aid (DCA), ICCO Cooperation and Fair and Sustainable Development Solutions (FSDS) launched a joint programme ''Central Asia on the Move'' (CAM) 2012-2015 (Phase 1).

The CAM programme is a joint initiative of a big range of partners on an important theme – internal and external migration in Central Asian region. This theme has gradually grown in importance since around 2000 and is likely to continue to be in the focus of the four countries for at least the next 5-10 years as Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan move close to membership in the Eurasian Economic Association.

The main rights holders and therefore beneficiaries of the program are poor communities highly affected by migration in Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan, whose rights to social care, education, health and political rights are widely neglected. The programme worked with migrants and their communities where they are from (sending communities) and where they are going (internal and external migrant communities), taking into account the institutional and policy context in each country and regionally.

CAM Partner Platform was set up with a coalition of 25 Central Asian Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) at the initial stage of the Programme. These CSOs met together to collectively design, plan and implement a regional programme. Currently CAM Partner Platform is including up to 31 CSOs from Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Russia.

Already within the 1st phase of the program important results have been achieved. To secondary results we can refer the creation of constructive working relationships with authorities in sending and receiving communities and building of community structures that enables migrant communities to articulate their needs and concerns in negotiations with authorities.

Yet, with Kyrgyzstan joining the Eurasia Customs Union and Russia changing its migration policy, important changes both in legal and economic spheres are about to take place. This influences migrants’ ability to seek employment abroad as well as their ability to ensure sustainable livelihoods in their home country. On this background DCA, ICCO and FSDS have decided to facilitate and support the development of a new program document that covers a second phase of the Central Asia on the Move program for the period 2016-2019.

The overall goal of the program’s second phase remains ensuring livelihoods of migrants and migration-affected communities.

This is pursued through the program’s focus on 3 objectives that are all preconditions for the program’s ability to contribute to the overall goal:

  1. Rights of migrants and their families are recognized and protected;
  2. Public services are available, responsive and relevant to the needs and rights of migration-affected communities;
  3. Conditions to generate income are favorable for families affected by migration.

The programme Strategy was developed with a high level of participation of partners using Theory of Change (TOC) methodology. Partners in the CAM programme have a strong sense of ownership concerning the Strategy and monitor its development with the help of their Coordination Committee and Annual Platform meetings.